Your comfort is our priority.  


You can come in or curb side pick up the Red Bird or we will deliver to any address in the greater Brockport area. 


Tea Lover's Assortment
One tin Harney & Sons Premium Tea (contact us if you would like decaf instead of caffine), San Saba Jam, Tea Mug, Small Locally Sourced Honey, and Tea Ball.


Sauce Lover's Assortment
A delightful assortment of four locally sourced sauces from Twisted Vine. 


Pancake Lover's Assortment
Locally sourced Finding Home Pancake Mix, Finding Home Pure Maple Syrup, 1/2 lb. Finger Lakes Coffee and a darling syrup pitcher.  Yummy! 


Coffee Lover's Assortment
Two one-half pounds of locally sourced Finger Lakes Coffee, Coffee Syrup, San Saba Jam, and Coffee Mug 


The Red Bird Cafe and Gift Shop is a dining and shopping experience you will love located right in downtown Brockport, located on Main Street, just steps from the Welcome Center on the Erie Canal. Dine and Shop the Red Bird where you will find fabulous! 

The Red Bird Cafe and Gift Shop

Lilac Lovers Assortment
Large bar of Lilac Soap with soap dish,  Lilac Body Lotion, and Lilac Sachet. 


F. Oliver's Assortment
Two bottles of F. Oliver's Balsamic Vinegar and one bottle F. Oliver's Oil with cruet.


Ready, set, go!

Shopping for the holidays has never been easier!  We have created these six gift package options for your shopping convenience with locally sourced products as much as possible and assembled them ready to give!